About project

In Europe, at least 20% of adults have deficiencies in writing, reading, understanding written text, performing simple calculations, and even using new technology in everyday life.

Currently, the learning path of older adults is created based on standardized courses in typical classrooms, which gives shallow results. Our research clearly shows that they are motivated to learn ICT to adapt to the modern world. The need exists to look for solutions that can help find the most effective learning path and facilitate these adults' daily lives.

Yes We Can! is a project that attempts to enable senior citizens with low digital literacy to use existing and new IT tools, which can be useful in their lifelong learning process. It also supports adult workers and trainers who design learning methods and teach senior people.

The key to our thinking is the need to implement a new model of education to reach the target group and start the real learning process. Our model will use and adapt the techniques of Paulo Freire, and then it will transform it into modern reality to be used as a methodology of ICT learning and as an experiential learning approach.

The project has been created and implemented by partners from four countries, Poland, Greece, Turkey, and the Czech Republic, with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. This transnational consortium will work for the project during the 34 months - between September 2019 and June 2022 to bring the most effective and beneficial results.