Project Results

Output 1: State-of-the-art report

This report aims to present the results of the surveys conducted in Poland, Turkey, Greece and Czech Republic with opinions given by senior adults and adult educators. Specifically, we examined:

1. the situation in the field of modern technologies usage by the seniors' adults;

2. the situation in the field of teaching about modern technologies and their usage by the adult educators;

3. good practices in the learning paths.

Output 1 – Report


Output 2: Adaptation of Freire methodology for the ICT needs of modern senior students

The main scientific approach of this manual is based on the Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which will be transformed into the modern reality and used as a methodology of ICT learning together with experiential learning approach. This way, we hope to bring innovation and dialogue approach to the education of senior education in IT.

Output 2 - Manual


Output 3: Guide for senior educators with the adaptation of Freire Methodology in the ICT learning

Guide for Adult Educators to assist them in the practical implementation of ITC programs for senior adults. The guide includes the theoretical foundations of andragogy, Freire's approach to literacy and experiential learning, as well as practical methodologies and methods that adult educators will use in their programs. It supports adult educators' learning as adult workers. How to do self-assessment, how to improve methodologically, etc. The guide also includes case studies from local project implementations. Reflections from piloting adult educators and learning outcomes for seniors.

Output 3 - Guide

Output 6: The Training Module for the LTT activities, basing on the Freire and Experiential Learning Methodologies

This output was produced for the future re-use of the general concept of the project. The training module which was implemented as a form of Training for Trainers was aiming to develop necessary competences of adult educators on exploring the needs of seniors, designing a tailor-made program and delivering it in line with andragogic and experiential learning approaches.

Output 6 - Training Module