Multiplier Events


National Multiplier Events were implemented with the purpose of the dissemination of the designed Intellectual Outputs to reach various stakeholders at local and regional levels to increase the usage of the Freirean approach for the ICT Needs of Seniors. In the end, over 250 stakeholders had chance to get some informations about our project and learn about the project methodology.

The full-day events in 4 countries included the following subjects:

- General information about the project

- IOs presentations

- Further implementation ideas and suggestions in/from stakeholders

- Networking session about the exchange of good practices in adult education

Final Conference was implemented On June 24 in Chorzów, under the title: “European Pathways of Development. Yes We Can as an example of an international project developing digital competences”.
The event was attended by project partners from the Czech Republic, Turkey and Greece, as well as representatives of municipal institutions and non-governmental organizations.
Conference participants took part in a discussion panel on the use of digital tools in non-formal education, and then in workshops entitled Using the possibilities of Augmented Reality in design or Modern technology is not so scary. A practical toolkit for everyone!