Training of Trainers

In the scope of the Learning Teaching Training (LTT) Activities of Yes We Can project, our initial aim is derived as increasing the methodological competences of adult educators/trainers to support them in their work through the implementation of an innovative ICT learning approach, based on the Freire methodology.

Selected trainers/educators have participated in a long-term Training for Trainers process by starting the “Training Stage 1: Experiential Learning & Freirean Approach” from 24-31st of October 2021 in Turkey. After the first phase, all participants completed their e-learning process and held regular online meetings for local piloting activities for seniors. After the local implementations, an evaluation and method assessment has been realized in “Training Stage 2: Application Of The Tools And Methods In The Teaching/Learning Process” during the 27th of March - the 3rd of April 2022 in Poland.