Transnational Project Meetings




The meeting took place from November 4 to November 5, 2019 in Istanbul. We were hosted by the organization of our Turkish partners DENEYIMSEL EGITIM MERKEZI DERNEGI. The meeting was attened by representatives and coordinators of all project partners






2nd Project Meeting took place in the beginning of March in Ostrava. We were hosted by the organization of our Czech partners. The meeting was attened by representatives and coordinators of all project partners. We felt incoming pandemic however still were not aware what it can bring. Meeting allowed us to continue our work on the intellectual output 2. 



Pandemic changed our lives and way of work. We had temporary issues to finalise all planned outputs in time, also because it was impossible to meet in person. A lot of online meetings passed but they didn't enabled us to agree on all project issues. We managed to meet in Poland in the small team what gave us hope for the upcoming year. 



2021 was challenging for us, trying to manage the project and its challenges. Multiple restrictions, fear of phisical meetings forced us to maintain the communication in the online form. 



We were able to start the year from the phisical meeting. Instead of the presentation IO3 which is the guide for seniors educators. We met in Poland and we try to find one more time common understanding for creation of this final output because still it was not ready, obviously it was affected because the pandemic. We met first time after 1,5 year almost because the meeting 3 was in September 2020. And this meeting was in 16-18 January 2022 it was almost impossible to finalize this IO3 guide for adult educators without meeting each other in reality. Online we couldn't reach common understanding not only partners were equally involved and that's why only after this meeting 4 which was important for us because it helped us a lot. After this meeting we were able to finalize this IO3, we also put there some additional parts like this fererian reflection matrix. Also we put there success stories from seniors and some reports from testing those successful stories and reports from testing  are in the book but available online, because there q-kods which are transferring reader to the webpage to the project.  



During the M5 which was held in Greece in Athens. And this meeting was held 9-11 of May we actually made the check up of the project. It was just 1,5 month before the final conference which was planed in Poland. We had opportunity to meet with partners one more time and check if everything what we wanted to do is done. Obviously there was some gabs was still because especially we didn't finalize work on the intellectual output 5 and intellectual output 6. IO5 what we didn't finalize till May was the movies which we were creating for seniors those were educational movies for seniors which were later available in the mobile app. And IO6 is a guide for educators with tool box which we were using also during our training of trainers. This is actually preparation to held some similar trainings which we did during this project.



Meeting 6 it was connected with the final conference. All the participants of M6 also participated of the final conference in Poland. And were also the speakers of the final conference. And we also were checked one more time again what is missing, what is done of the mintime, what kind of documents are needed for the final report and how to finalize the project without any problems.